Postpartum Care: Tips for Physical and Emotional Recovery

It’s what you have been waiting for. Maybe it’s been years waiting for this wonderful moment to give birth to your child. You are exhilarated, emotional, happy, but also tired. You’ve been through a monumental physical exercise, so your body might be telling you to slow down. How can you do that? Let’s dive into our postpartum care tips for physical and emotional recovery. 

When Relief Turns to Anxiety

Don’t panic if you feel sad and anxious after childbirth. It happens to many new moms. Having what’s known as the “baby blues” is both normal and common. You may cry, have mood changes, and feel inadequate, but it should pass within a week or two. Hang in there.postpartum mom holding baby.

If these feelings don’t subside, you may have developed postpartum depression which is a bit more serious. Now is the time to speak to our OBGYN about your feelings and what you can do to get through this period. Let friends and relatives help you care for your little one. Your partner/spouse can help with responsibilities too. 

Get Plenty of Rest

Your body has gone through a trauma of sorts, so getting as much sleep as possible is the best way to heal. Of course, you are a bound to your baby’s schedule, so take advantage of when your infant sleeps (even if it is 20 or 30 minutes). Every little bit will help. Sleep whenever you can and share night time feedings with your partner. Don’t allow yourself to get sleep deprived or overly tired.

Limit Visitors

You may welcome some adult conversation, but don’t allow visitors to interrupt your rest times. At the very least, let them hold your baby while you sit with your feet up. Don’t let your home become Grand Central Station.

Don’t Skip Out on Eating

You may not feel like eating and especially cooking, but you need to maintain a nutritious diet after giving birth. It’s important you eat a healthy and balanced diet so you have the energy to care for your little one. 

It’s OK to Ask for and Accept Help

If someone asks you what they can do to help you, tell them! Be specific. Do you need prepared dinners, help with grocery shopping, or whatever chore is difficult for you right now. No need to be superwoman. You need both physical and emotional relief now, so just say YES.

Contact Your OBGYN When Unexpected Concerns Occur

You may have concerns about: 

  • Continued discharge
  • Mini contractions or afterpains and their cause
  • What to do for vaginal soreness
  • Hemorrhoids and difficult bowel movements
  • Questions about sexual intercourse

Check in with our trained OBGYN before your first postpartum appointment, and bring any and all additional topics of concern.

Contact our OBGYN, Michelle Wood, MD at (352) 369-5999 with any questions or concerns during your postpartum period. Our providers in Ocala, FL are here to help.