Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Ocala, FL

Providing Health Care to Women throughout Marion County

Poorti Riley, MD and her team at Florida Women’s Health provide comprehensive care for women of all ages in Ocala, FL. We practice up-to-date medicine, keeping in touch with the ever-changing medical environment. Dr. Riley specializes in treating irregular bleeding, heavy menstrual bleeding, and postmenopausal bleeding, along with many other gynecologic conditions.

Now Offering Obstetrics

The Florida Women’s Health team is excited to welcome obstetrician Michelle Wood, MD to our practice! Dr. Wood brings 15 years of experience, has performed close to 3,000 deliveries, and offers a number of obstetrical services including preconception counseling, prenatal visits, and postpartum care.

At our practice, each patient is treated as a special individual with unique needs. Our providers enjoy forming long-lasting relationships with our patients. Most importantly, our office strives to provide thorough and compassionate care.


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